Therapy with me is…


Maybe you really need someone to listen attentively. Maybe you don’t know what’s going on and you need someone to ask you questions to help you figure it out. I pay attention to who you are today, what you are bringing into the room, and how I can best engage your current needs. But I do not think of therapy as a hierarchal relationship. I like to think of therapy with the following metaphor: You have a path to travel through a forest. I’m an expert at traveling in woods, but only you know the path. I’ll keep us safe, nourished, and on-track, but you will lead us to where you are going.


I’m not a robot in the room providing “right” answers. I don’t have special status as a therapist. You have an impact on me and I have an impact on you, just like all human beings. That’s why I provide a lot of information about myself here and on my blog. I want you to feel comfortable with me and be able to trust me in our work together. The therapy relationship provides a unique opportunity to rewrite the story of past harm done to you.  I can become aware of your relationship patterns and experiences as they happen between us, and then offer new perspectives and experiences for change.


The type of therapy I practice can change you from the inside out.  As we form an alliance and begin to trust one another, we can look at the areas of your life that you’ve had to hide – the places of harm and suffering, caused by others and yourself. There we can begin the work of grief, of letting go, and of reimagining who you can be without these old wounds and patterns.

My areas of specialization include… 

  • Depression and hopelessness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationship issues
  • Changing self-criticism to self-kindness
  • Coming out as LGBTQ, at any stage of life
  • Adolescence
  • Major life adjustments (Like a family member coming out as LGBTQ, for example)
  • Life development: finding meaning, cultivating compassion, and becoming grateful
  • Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis: personal & family members
  • HIV Positive diagnosis and serodiscordant relationships
  • Sexual issues and abuse 

Go ahead and contact me with your specific needs and concerns to discuss if we are a good fit.